Partak Stone City as an industrial group includes the manufacturing, processing, and marketing units of various construction and flooring stones as well as the designing and implementing units for architectural projects. In 2006, the group began selling the construction stones in national and international markets. In 2011, it stepped in the manufacturing and processing the construction stones and stone synthetics such as bath, sink, urban furniture, sign, etc. We glory in our positive reports relevant to the stone projects for the state and private sectors. After a decade of successful activities, all units of this industrial group attempt to use the updated knowledge, experience, and technologies to develop the quality of stone manufacturing and processing cycles for both domestic and export purposes.

Group Policy

The principles of the management and implementation of the projects by the group include:

  1. Preparing the timetable and managing the resources to fulfill the objectives assigned by the manager
  2. Connecting vividly with all commercial partners of the group
  3. Following the scale of project growth and handling exactly the possible slips of the project
  4. Monitoring closely the quality of the implemented affairs
  5. Implementing and completing the project in due time.

The group is proud of all projects since the glorious outcomes of the projects are due to the close cooperation of the skilled and experienced team members.


Products and Services

The category of the products includes:

  1. Different types of construction stones as: Granite, Marble, Travertine, Onyx, Crystal, and Limestone, …
  2. Urban furniture and stone synthetics as: bench, dustbin, chess table, flowerpot,solar clock, fountain, statue, city signs, game equipment,
  3. Mosaic and CNC stones
  4. cutting the stone synthetic
  5. consultation for designing and installing .